Hart Wright Architects Designs an Exhibit for The Market Street Prototyping Festival

As part of a larger plan to redesign San Francisco’s main street, the Market Street Prototyping Festival put on by the San Francisco Department of City Planning partnered with Yerba Buena Center for the Arts San Francisco Planning’s Prototyping link .

The purpose was to find ways to reshape 36 blocks of Market Street in the city’s central core. Specifically the city’s goal was to find ways to activate the sidewalks which have the most pedestrian activity. There were 50 design projects and Hart Wright Architects was asked by the Exploratorium and Basic Training to design the exhibit “Play Everyday”.

Basic Training Market St.

Basic Training Market St.

Play Everyday is an installation to promote movement and play time. There are many health and social benefits to movement, but in today’s world, it is too easy for people to spend a day in the city without it. This exhibit makes it easy by engaging people on street. It invites interaction and is a gathering space for activity and creative possibility.