Getting to know us

Planner, Trail Runner, Taco Engineer

Planner, Trail Runner, Taco Engineer

Eliza Hart

By far the most important skill in my toolkit is listening. The details, answers, and creative solutions that the right conversations provide are essential to bringing the homes our clients dream of to life. A passion for sustainability drives my continued education in materials and methods and plays a starring role in each of our projects.

Ultrarunner, Fix-It Phenomenon

Ultrarunner, Fix-It Phenomenon

Stuart Wright

The happiest you’ll ever see me is sketching the future of your home. 20 years of projects spanning the California coast have taught me that bridging vision and construction always comes down to the details. How do we make a beautiful design function in real life? That’s my passion, and my take on sustainability: making the most of ideas and materials.

Step by step



This is where we define the project; two meetings with plenty of brainstorming and dreaming-out-loud to establish what works in your current home and/or what you hope for.

– initial project sketch
– parameters for success defined

Schematic Design

Schematic Design

The next two times we meet are all about developing a concept. We’ll discuss forms, materials, styles, and solutions. By the end of this phase, we have a floor plan and elevations.

– agreement on form and concept
– schematic sketches to inform the hard line drawings

Design Development

Design Development

This is where 2D drawings are transformed into 3D models and databases. An engineer weighs in on build ability, and real costs start to be defined.

– final structural drawings
– multiple contractor bids received, with possible contractor selection
– permit application drawings submitted

Construction Documentation

Construction Documentation

Here’s where we iron-out every single detail of the vision, down to doorknobs and screw sizes. The documents we generate allow builders and craftsmen to do their jobs quickly, efficiently, and as accurately as possible.

– final document set
– final building estimate and schedule
– signed contractor contract

Construction Administration

Construction Administration

New discoveries always happen when paper becomes 2x4s and drywall. We collaborate closely with contractors to fulfill the intent of the project, approving decisions and being on-hand for opportunities you can’t see until the walls go up.

– a smooth and seamless construction process
– a new home that exceeds your expectations

Keys to your

dream home

Success through collaboration

Every decision is a conversation, brought to life in a detailed drawing. Constant communication keeps you informed and in complete control of the process. In the end, your home is a place where work, play, and quiet moments all express your unique personality.

Defining Bay Area Modern

Balancing a century-long history of iconic architecture with rapid change. It’s a challenge that falls on the shoulders of architects and their clients. Luckily, it’s also something we excel at: designing a bold, regional vision respectful of nature, neighbors, and resources, sitting seamlessly among our most beautiful relics and epic vistas.

Sustainability by design

We respond to the weather and geological conditions unique to your neighborhood. Beyond suggesting active solar energy systems when appropriate, we maximize the efficiency of wall, roof, and window placement, then use just the right amount of insulation. We implement renewable materials wherever we can, maximally reusing or recycling materials for remodels and prioritizing water preservation.

It means more coming from our clients

“Eliza and Stuart are both amazing with their attention to detail and aesthetic vision. We really love how the house turned out.”

Cynthia C.

“Not only did Hart Wright provide stellar architectural services, they also gave us helpful insight and guidance through the entire construction process.  We look forward to working with Hart Wright again in the future.”

Sarah b.

“As building contractors, our working relationships with architects are critical to the success of our projects. Hart Wright Architects understands this.   They demonstrate it with thoughtful, timely communication and decision making.  This  helps us to keep or projects moving forward which makes a our clients happy. “

John F.

“I recently had the opportunity to bid on a project Eliza was designing. Throughout the process I found her to be professional, engaging, extremely competent and both aware of her client’s needs and respectful of the bidding process. She is fair in her judgement, clear in her communications and genuinely excited about her profession.

Lawrence M.