Our Sustainable Water Practices Demonstration Garden is opening on April 20th

Hart Wright Architects working with a team recently designed the College Hill Learning Garden in Bernal Heights. The client is the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, SFPUC. The goals of the project are to educate about the earth systems and to encourage sustainable design for thriving life. This project aims to demonstrate the who, where, what, why, how, wherefore and joy of sustainable infrastructure and sustainable best practices to K-5 students and school communities and educate students about San Francisco’s water, wastewater, renewable energy and energy efficiency systems, as well as provide hands-on exposure to healthy food cultivation and sustainable living practices.
 The project demonstrates a range of cutting-edge, site-specific, ecologically-based strategies known as “green infrastructure” on a micro-scale and provides a resource for students to learn about the ways that caring for our water, wastewater and power systems can help create healthy, vibrant communities.

sustainable water practices

Our culvert gate entry to the park

You can read about the project on the SFPUC website here.

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The ribbon, officially being cut

shipping container off grid solar green roof

The shipping container has a green roof and is powered by off grid solar panels