The Three Boxes- Hart Wright Architects’ Furniture Design

The Three Boxes- Hart Wright Architects’ Furniture Design

We thought this project in the furniture section on our website could use an explanation.

This is a piece of furniture we designed for a remodeled 1950’s typical San Francisco box shaped house where flexibility is valued. It consists of three arrangable modular box forms. The piece is used in a living room with an open plan connected to a dining area and kitchen. This relatively small room functions as the main gathering space but can only hold a single sofa. We needed a flexible way to make the space feel open yet also have adequate furnishings, guest seating and storage. The design objective was thus to have a piece of furniture that would be multi functional.

The resulting piece functions as a coffee table, magazine rack and the bonus of lounge seating when guests are a plenty. The units are easy to move around for configuring and cleaning. The proportions were developed to meet a delicate balance of fitting into the small space, serving as a striking and designed focal piece to the room, while not making the room feel overcrowded.

custom designed furniture for modern architecture

When they’re opened, they provide additional seating

The piece consists of three boxes, 54″ x 25″ x 14″, 36″ x 25″ x 14″ and 18″ x 25″ x 14″. They are made of Australian mahogany, or Jarra and are mounted on castors to be rolled around. During times when additional seating is needed, lids on each of the three boxes open with gas springs, a nod to the owners’ appreciation of the hatchback, to reveal comfortable cowhide cushions. The lids provide the backrest. The lower slots in the front of the units hold books and magazines stacked horizontally. The ends expose the end grain of the Jarra to reinforce the idea of modularity. The piece was built by Berkeley based furniture maker, Japp Romijin.

custom modern design furniture

Jarra end grain detail

custom design modern furniture

Aligned in a row with lids open