How it all started

Pull back the curtain

Taking Stock

Taking stock

The previous floorplan was plagued by issues like cramped spaces and chokepoints, aggravated by narrow passageways and dueling doors. As a result, many rooms couldn't fulfill their designated function or simply went unused for most of the year.

A Different Angle

A different angle

An inclined roof with strategic window placement and overhangs helped address the old house's challenges with the sun. The new interior tends toward radical openness, with balanced natural light and spaces seamlessly flowing into one another.

Filling Things in

Filling things in

Early 3D renders helped establish the spatial relationships of newly-reimagined rooms and made selecting interior finishes and texture pairings easy and intuitive.

New and Improved

New and improved

With added spaciousness and welcoming continuity, the new house takes fuller advantage of the stunning views and setting sun that had long been a draw of this hilltop location. The updated floorplan builds on winning features like the wrap-around deck while incorporating loads of wishlist features; it's freedom and flow encourage guests and hosts alike to enjoy a simpler, more relaxing dose of California living.

How it came together

Consolidating the home’s two stories eliminated the need for an elevator while creating expanded, shared living spaces. With large overhangs and a clerestory bar, the interior is pleasantly shaded without sacrificing the iconic valley vistas that the owners love.