Hart Wright Architects is a great value

These are busy times in the Bay Area. Many architects are hiring and there is energy in the air around design and construction. Working with larger firms may get you the brand name you see value in, but you may not get the service you need. At Hart Wright Architects, we work very closely with our clients. We do not send projects onto staff teams or to junior designers and we don’t want that complexity to get in the way of the design outcome. We are the experts, and what you see is what you get. The result is a custom project that runs smoothly and is a beautiful design. We are passionate about design; we also care about the process. In our minds, a successful project requires collaboration with our clients. We offer our full attention and we listen, actively inviting their participation. We come to the table without ego, eager to build a direct and personal relationship. This process can and should be enjoyable. We trust the law of attraction, and we aspire to natural chemistry and professionalism. And we are always detail-oriented, value-driven, buttoned up, and committed to seeing it through.