Running in San Francisco Design Inspiration

Running in San Francisco Design Inspiration

We have been on many runs through San Francisco. Running is our exercise, our therapy and a way to be out looking around. We’d like to share shots we’ve taken while on runs from now on, a little at a time. There is more to see when you experience the city on foot, not to mention, its easier to stop and observe when there’s no bike, bus or car.

On that note, check this out, comments welcome! We like this SF house without irony. It has everything; a modernist planar facade with minimal Italianate decoration, a yellow brick base, double hung windows and a favorite of ours, the door within a door. I’d say a recent immigrant was the original designer of this gem.

We’ve admired these giant light fixtures from the inside of the speeding car for the past couple of years. Finally on a run we snapped this not-so-great photo. There is a sure hand in the design and the way these over sized sconces grip the balusters. You can visit them on Franklin Street just North of Pacific, a better picture is on the way sometime soon.

Hart Wright Architects, San Francisco, CA Design